Dr Lambert-Simpson

Dr Lambert-Simpson has worked with children, adolescents, adults and older adults with an emphasis on at-risk clients and challenging environments. During his education, he was involved in research as an Undergraduate and Graduate. Dissertation topic included an analysis of clients who had used any form of “speed” and a later propensity to using Methamphetamine. Interview and analysis included the use of DSM IV SCID, which is the “gold standard” of diagnostic tools. His research included looking at children and adults diagnosed with ADHD/ADD or mood disorders. The dissertation was published in 2012.

Dr Lambert-Simpson’s first job in the US was working in a group home where he treated girls and boys who had been sexually abused. He also ran the adolescent sex offenders group and that was in 2002. Since then he has done foster and adoption work in 2004 to 2006. He has done significant testing in his post-doctoral training. Some of these assessments involved family assessments in the home and at school. Often it involved assessment of the parents/caregiver too. He has a 16-year history of exposure to the Psychological and Psychiatric outcomes of sexual abuse in children.

Dr Lambert-Simpson has also worked in a maximum-security prison doing dementia assessments as well as identifying low IQ and learning disabilities. In 2016 he spent 6 months doing neuropsychological reports and Autism testing for Riverside County in California. Since returning to the UK in May 2017 he first worked for a CAMHS unit in Bury where he began a full testing program for their female adolescent ward. Privately, since October 2017 he has now completed over 140 full Psychological Reports.

Dr Lambert-Simpson has prepared more than 500 reports for the family/criminal courts. These reports have covered the following areas:

• Public Law assessments of children and adults

• Private Law assessments of children and adults

• Assessment of fitness to stand trial

• Assessment of Not guilty by reason of insanity

• Assessment of Autism and other neuro cognitive disorders

• IQ testing- Multiple tests for type of IQ for adults and children

• Personality tests- Axis I and II and testing personality disorders, mood and level of functioning

• Children and Adolescents- Assess family unit and individual for placement, custody or behavioural issues

• Risk Assessments-testing for levels of recidivism, future risk, sexual and violence recidivism

• Malingering Tests- tests for secondary gain and always included in forensic tests

• Dementia testing including strokes

• Parole assessments

• The lists of tests he has completed include: DSM IV SCID, ADOS, ADI, CARS-2, WRAT IV, Draw a Person, House-Tree-Person, BASC-3, MMSE, WAIS IV, TONI-4, TOMM, Trials A and B, TONI, Bayley, Bender, Rorschach, Halstead Reitan Neuro Battery, Millon, IPDE, 16PF, MMPI, CAPS and LSI

Courts or Tribunals: Adoption or Foster Care, Clinical Negligence, Criminal and Offending, Family Court, Personal Injury

Age groups: Adolescent, Adult, Child, Family, Older Adult

Psychological Specialisms: ADHD, Adult Mental Health Problems, Autistic Spectum Disorder, Behavioural Difficulties, Domestic Abuse, Forensic, Mental Capacity, Parenting Problems, Personality Disorder, Sexual Offending, Substance Misuse, Trauma and PTSD, Youth Offending

Therapies offered: