Julian Radcliffe

Julian Radcliffe brings significant experience as an educational psychologist and senior leader working across a range of Children’s Services Directorates. This has provided him with a unique insight into the challenges and difficulties that children and young people can experience and the systems and processes in which they find themselves

As an HCPC registered Educational Psychologist Julian Radcliffe brings experience in the following areas:
• Supporting children and young people with a range of needs across the age range using a mix of working models, which include consultation, individual work (assessment and intervention) and group work
• Working systemically with education settings using approaches, which include projects (i.e. the design, delivery and review of psychologically informed, school & home-based interventions), staff training and development, coaching and supervision
• Working closely with parents/ carers as equal partners in developing and delivering interventions that will have the most impact
• Working in a multi-agency context within and across Children’s Services and wider partnerships. This includes leading and supporting tam around child, family and school arrangements
• Report writing and review as required in relation to the SEND Code of Practice (2015) and the Children & Families Act (2014)
• Critical incident support for schools and early years settings
• SEND tribunals

As a senior leader within Children’s Services Julian Radcliffe brings experience in the following areas:
• All aspects of statutory and non-statutory special educational needs (SEND) and school inclusion (0-25 years)
• Partnership working across sectors, including developing and implementing multi-agency strategy and transformation
• Service review, redesign and restructure. This includes developing service delivery models; management structures and supporting systems
• Policy formulation
• Developing and implementing practice standards and operational guidance
• Oversight of complex budgets including responsibility for devolved posts and budgets
• Working across all levels of an organisation including local government, elected members and Directors
• The development and delivery of a wide range of services in relation to early years and children’s centres, early help, parenting and family support, youth services, child exploitation, mental health and well-being and specialist advisory services to schools
• Supporting school improvement and organisational change

Areas of Specialism
• Educational psychology assessment and intervention, which covers the following areas of need
• Cognition and learning
• Social, emotional and mental health
• Speech, language and communication (including autism)
• Sensory and physical needs

Courts or Tribunals: Education, Family Court

Age groups: Adolescent, Child

Psychological Specialisms: Autistic Spectum Disorder, Behavioural Difficulties, Learning Difficulties, School Problems

Therapies offered: