Dr Angharad Polley

Dr Polley currently works as a Senior Clinical Psychologist in an NHS child and adolescent mental health service. Over the last 9 years she has also worked in a community-based adult mental health service supporting adults with severe and enduring mental health difficulties, and an all-ages community eating disorder service. Dr Polley has been responsible for the assessment, formulation and treatment of severe and complex cases and specialises in complex trauma, eating disorders, attachment, anxiety and mood disorders. Dr Polley has been responsible for completing assessments based upon the interpretation and integration of data from a variety of sources, including neuropsychological reports, self-report measures, rating scales, direct and indirect observations and semi-structured interviews with clients, family members, and other agencies involved in clients’ care and support. Dr Polley has experience of delivering both individual and group interventions, and is experienced in a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches including EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, CBT, and Mentalization-Based Therapy.

Areas of specialism

  • Assessment of mental health needs in children, adolescents and adults
  • Assessment and formulation of risk of suicide and self-harm
  • Evidence-based formulations and interventions for Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Eating Disorders, Trauma/PTSD and complex-PTSD

Profession: Psychologist

Courts or Tribunals: Clinical Negligence, Family Court

Age groups: Adolescent, Adult

Psychological Specialisms: Adult Mental Health Problems, Anger and Violence, Behavioural Difficulties, Parent-Child Attachment, Personality Disorder, Trauma and PTSD

Therapies offered: