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Dr Prasad Kalakala is a Consultant Psychiatrist, with specialism in Old Age Psychiatry. He gained his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of NTR health sciences India. Read more
Greater Manchester and Surrounding Counties

Dr King has been working within the field of mental health since 2013. Since qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist in 2019, she has specialised in working in teams and systems that provide services to individuals who present with problematic personality presentations, complex trauma, and high risk of harm to self and/or others. Read more

Lancashire and Surrounding Counties

Dr Tom Mole is a certified consultant psychiatrist registered in both the UK and Australia, with over nine years of experience in the field. Read more

Manchester and Surrounding Counties

Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Dr Sohom Das has extensive experience in undertaking a range of medico-legal assessments and has authored in excess of 500 reports in his career. Read more

London and Surrounding Counties

Experience in Clinical, Managerial, Academic and Research in Mental Health and Deafness (1987 to date).

Consultant Psychiatrist in Deafness and Mental Health (1987 to date). Read more

Lancashire and Surrounding Counties

As a General Adult Consultant Psychiatrist in active clinical practice, Dr Alikhan has a wide range of experience. Areas of expertise include anxiety disorders, including PTSD, mood disorders including bipolar illness, depressive illness, psychosis including acute psychosis and schizophrenia, personality disorders, addiction and substance misuse; He has experience in civil and family court medico-legal work, and a Master’s degree qualification in Mental Health Law. Read more

Leeds and Surrounding Counties

Dr Al-Khalaf has considerable experience gained in all branches of psychiatry. He has taken on a number of research projects particularly in depression and organic psychiatry, and is considered a specialist in psychiatry in general, but also in older adults, particularly issues relating to mental capacity. Read more

Hampshire and Surrounding Counties

Dr Fry has been in practice as a Consultant Psychiatrist since 1996. He spent ten years in the NHS as a Clinical Child and Family Psychiatrist, latterly as Clinical Lead and Director in two services, before leaving to set up in Independent practice. Read more

Hampshire and Surrounding Counties

Dr Kareem is a Consultant Psychiatrist currently working with the Herefordshire Community Learning Disability Team (CLDT), in a specialist neurobehavioural rehabilitation setting for people with Acquired Brain Injury, a specialist residential service for individuals aged 16+ with Autism and in independent practice. Read more


Dr Kurian has over 25 years’ experience preparing medico-legal reports.

He commenced Psychiatric training in 1980 in the Rotational Training Scheme of Coventry Hospitals. Read more

Wolverhampton and Surrounding Counties

Dr Shaffiullha has 13 years’ experience in psychiatry and has conducted more than 4000 assessments in various specialities (General Adult, Learning Disability, Child and Adolescence, Forensic, Neuropsychiatry, Assertive outreach team, Substance misuse) this time period. Read more

Birmingham and Surrounding Counties

Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist for 20 years. Experienced in medico legal assessments in Old Age Psychiatry, including Testamentary Capacity. Experienced in giving evidence in court. Read more


Dr Ley has prepared expert psychiatric reports and given expert witness evidence in Court on the instruction of the defence, CPS, Probation and at the direction of the Court, covering issues such as fitness to plead, insanity, diminished responsibility, capacity to form intent, mental illness, disposal, and the imposition of civil orders. Read more

London and Surrounding Counties

Dr Negi is an old age psychiatrist currently working as substantive consultant at Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust since March 2014. She regularly performs risk assessments and management, writes Court reports, attends mental health tribunals and acts as an investigator for the SUI and complaints. Read more

Staffordshire and Surrounding Counties

As a Forensic Psychiatrist Mr Nimmagadda as the expertise in assessing the risk of harm to others. He regularly conducts assessments and gives his opinions to various Courts and Tribunals in this respect. Read more

Middlesex and Surrounding Counties

Dr Raviraj is an independent consultant forensic psychiatrist based in Manchester. He is hospital medical director at Cygnet Hospital, Wyke, Yorkshire. Read more

Cheshire and Surrounding Counties

Dr Okocha has been a consultant psychiatrist for nearly 25 years and prior to his appointment spent several years as a clinician and academic researching various aspects of mental illness. Read more

Kent and Surrounding Counties

Dr Oyebanjo is a qualified medical doctor and Section 12 Approved Psychiatrist, with over ten years’ work experience across specialities, with proven ability to work under pressure and making key decisions. Read more

Essex and Surrounding Counties

Dr Slinn has 25 years’ experience practicing in general adult and old age psychiatry; She has been a consultant for 17 years with a wide range of experience in hospital, the community, and different jurisdictions in the UK. Read more

Bristol and Surrounding Counties

Dr Smith works as a half time consultant psychiatrist employed by Lancashire Care Foundation NHS Trust (LCFT). He has been employed within the same department since May 1999. Read more

Lancashire and Surrounding Counties

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