Many thanks for your offices assistance and that of Dr Desautels. The LA was most assisted by his work

Lynne Braby-Pavitt, Principal Barrister, Essex County Council

Dr Derry’s analysis of the mother was extremely insightful and accurate and in fact, many of his predictions have already transpired by the time of this hearing

Judgement, Brighton Family Court

Dr Draycott has worked tirelessly to find the right service to assist our client. This work ethic makes him an excellent choice when selecting an expert for an assessment

Tanya Ward, Powell and Company Solicitors LLP

My client department found Dr Treisman’s report challenging and helpful as to the future planning for this young person…Dr Treisman was thorough in her preparation and prepared her report earlier than she was requested to - which again assisted enormously

Clare Fairlie, Senior Legal Officer

 I would happily use Dr Churchman again for a psychological risk assessment. My client department were also impressed by her work

Legal Services, London Local Authority

Dr Marion Bates produced a well constructed report with a very good analysis.  I would recommend her to other solicitors.  

Solicitor, Thurrock County Council

We are very pleased with the expertise provided by Dr Dowsett in the course of one of our cases. Psychology Experts were extremely helpful and attentive to our needs, from dealing with our initial enquiry courteously to the prompt delivery of the final report. We would have no hesitation in returning to Psychology Experts for future expert instructions

Solicitor, Crane and Staples Solicitors

Dr Sarah Tonks was very clear and concise response to the questions and saved considerable time that would otherwise have been wasted in oral evidence

Legal Officer, Bristol County Council


Educational Psychology

Getting the right support in education

We are committed to protecting and promoting the rights and interests of children and young people, particularly those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) or Additional Learning Needs (ALN).

We provide an integrated understanding of a child’s developmental difficulties and the pathways through the educational system.  We offer independent educational assessments of a child’s educational needs and provide expert advice to parents, schools, local authorities and educational tribunals.

We also assess the impact of developmental difficulties such as Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD), dyslexia or dyspraxia can have on educational outcomes.

We are able to:

  • Deliver diagnostic assessments of a child including learning disability, autism or ADHD.
  • Provide independent educational assessments of a child educational needs
  • Report within Special Educational Need and Disability (SEND) Tribunals
  • Take an integrated and systemic approach to  developmental difficulties
  • Assess the child’s intellectual ability and describe any cognitive difficulties.
  • Include the child’s attachments and life events when considering their abilities.
  • Consider a child’s mental health and developmental difficulties.
  • Include looked after children and their experiences of separation and loss.
  • Consider a child’s integration in school or any experiences of bullying.
  • Make recommendations for the home-school-network liaison.
  • Empower parents and teachers in meeting a child’s educational needs.

Make a referral

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