Dr Juanita Isaacs

Dr Juanita Isaacs Clinical Psychologist

Dr Juanita Isaacs is a Clinical Psychologist registered with the Health Professionals Council, with over 14 years of experience working within the field of learning disabilities. Her particular area of expertise is General Adult Mental Health with a specialist interest in Learning Disabilities and Older Adults. Dr Isaacs has developed expertise in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of areas including psychological distress, adjustment disorder, phobic disorder, depression and anxiety disorders.

Profession: Psychologist

Courts or Tribunals: Immigration and Asylum, Personal Injury

Age groups: Adult, Family

Psychological Specialisms: Adult Mental Health Problems, Autistic Spectum Disorder, Domestic Abuse, Learning Difficulties, Trauma and PTSD

Therapies offered: CBT, Family Therapy, Psychological Supervision