Dr Marion Bates

Dr Marion Bates is a Clinical Psychologist with 16 years of experience of working in the NHS, forensic and prison settings.  She specialises in the assessment of parents with personality disorder, mental health or substance abuse difficulties and Complex trauma.  She also analysis the parent-child attachment relationship using evidence based tests.  She carries out assessments and therapy across all aspects of adult mental health, including PTSD and Complex PTSD, personality disorder, suicide, self-harm, offenders, psychosis, partners of offenders and families. She is experienced in forensic and acute mental health.

She completed her doctoral training in Clinical Psychology. Since qualifying she has worked in inpatient and outpatient settings and also in forensic settings including hospitals and prisons.

Her specialism has been working with adults with complex trauma and personality disorder, but also severe and enduring mental health disorders including psychosis and Autism Spectrum Conditions. She has specialist training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for Personality Disorder and Substance Misuse and other approaches emotional and interpersonal difficulties.  She is also trained in EMDR and trauma focused therapy.  She is particularly interested in dissociative disorders and has training in trauma informed stabilisation training from trauma and dissociation.

In the Family Courts, Dr Bates carries out psychological assessments of parents, their personality functioning, cognitive abilities, and their ability to protect their children from harm. She works within the criminal courts undertaking offender risk assessments.  She also provides the civil courts assessments reports in cases of personal injury and medical negligence.

Dr Bates also has a degree in Russian language and culture and offers a culturally sensitive approach for clients from the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Profession: Psychologist

Courts or Tribunals: Adoption or Foster Care, Criminal and Offending, Immigration and Asylum, Mental Health Tribunals, Occupational Health, Personal Injury

Age groups: Adolescent, Adult, Family

Psychological Specialisms: Adult Mental Health Problems, Anger and Violence, Domestic Abuse, Learning Difficulties, Mental Capacity, Neurological Disorder, Parent-Child Attachment, Parenting Problems, Personality Disorder, Relationships Difficulites, Substance Misuse, Trauma and PTSD, Youth Offending

Therapies offered: Adult Therapy, CBT, Dialectic Behaviour Therapy, Mentalisation Based Therapy, Psychological Supervision