Dr Stephen Smith

Dr Stephen Smith has been working in the field of Adult Mental Health since 2013, specialising in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of moderate to severe mental health disorders including PTSD, personality disorders, anxiety disorders (Generalised Anxiety, Health Anxiety, Panic, Specific Phobias, Social Anxiety, Performance Anxiety), mood disorders (Depression, Bipolar Affective Disorder, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He has specialist expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of Alcohol Related Brain Damage and of ADHD and ASD in adults. Dr Smith has extensive experience of preparing expert psychological reports for tribunals and courts. He is also an experienced supervisor and have written national training programmes on the subject of supervision of psychological therapies for individuals, groups and peers.


• Adult mental health
• Alcohol Related Brain Damage
• Cognitive Assessment
• Complex PTSD
• Criminal Injuries

Profession: Psychologist

Courts or Tribunals: Clinical Negligence, Criminal and Offending, Family Court, Mental Health Tribunals, Neuropsychological, Occupational Health

Age groups: Adult

Psychological Specialisms: ADHD, Adult Mental Health Problems, Autistic Spectum Disorder, Domestic Abuse, Forensic, Learning Difficulties, Mental Capacity, Neurological Disorder, Parenting Problems, Personality Disorder, Substance Misuse, Trauma and PTSD

Therapies offered: CBT, Psychological Supervision