Dr Tracey Tyler

Dr Tracey Tyler has 22 years of qualified experience with extensive clinical experience working in a range of settings and across a range of client groups with particular expertise across different client groups with multiple difficulties: adults, children, adolescents, Learning Disabilities, ASD, ADHD, FASD, mental health, behaviours that challenge, personality disorder, substance abuse, domestic violence, parental alienation.

She has conducted full risk assessments of adults and children, full psychological assessments, cognitive and capacity assessments. She has worked with complex cases including complex trauma, personality disorders, high risk taking behaviours, domestic violence, substance abuse and clients with offending histories. She has conducted assessments for personal injury, work related injuries and negligence claims in adults, young people and children. This includes the assessment of Psychological trauma and mental health difficulties arising from events including RTAs, work related injuries and negligent events that have caused psychological trauma for the person. She has also conducted assessments of more complex clients who have a history of trauma / mental health difficulties / personality disorder and have then suffered further trauma through an injury or clinical negligence.


– Child Protection including babies to teenagers
– Domestic Violence
– Drug & Alcohol abuse
– Parenting capacity, including in teenage parents, learning disabilities and autism
– Child, adolescent and adult mental health, emotional, social and behavioural presentations including self-harm, suicidal ideation and violence
– Family Dynamics including sibling assessments
– Personality disorders
– Parental Alienation
– Cognitive and Capacity assessments
– FASD, ASD and ADHD neurodevelopmental disorders
– Work related injury
– Clinical Negligence

Profession: Psychologist

Courts or Tribunals: Adoption or Foster Care, Clinical Negligence, Family Court, Immigration and Asylum, Personal Injury

Age groups: Adolescent, Adult, Child, Family

Psychological Specialisms: ADHD, Adult Mental Health Problems, Anger and Violence, Autistic Spectum Disorder, Behavioural Difficulties, Child Mental Health, Domestic Abuse, Forensic, Learning Difficulties, Mental Capacity, Parent-Child Attachment, Parental Alienation, Parental alienation, Parenting Problems, Personality Disorder, Relationships Difficulites, Substance Misuse, Trauma and PTSD

Therapies offered: