Dr Clare Churchman

Dr Clare Churchman is a highly specialist Clinical Psychologist with 10 years of post-qualification experience working psychologically with adults in forensic mental health services. She has a wealth of training and experience in the assessment and treatment of complex mental health, personality and substance misuse difficulties that contribute to parental risk. She has also worked with children in looked after services and those with offending histories.


• Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) with adults (group and individual)
• Assessment, formulation and therapy with people with severe and enduring mental health difficulties, personality difficulties, and violent offending histories
• Risk assessment (violence, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking)
• Psychometric testing
• Teaching and training
• Clinical supervision (group and individual) and Reflective Practice facilitation
• Healthcare leadership (teams, services and project management)
• Clinical research, service evaluation and development
• Expert witness work

Profession: Psychologist

Courts or Tribunals: Adoption or Foster Care, Criminal and Offending, Immigration and Asylum, Mental Health Tribunals, Occupational Health, Personal Injury

Age groups: Adolescent, Adult, Family

Psychological Specialisms: Anger and Violence, Autistic Spectum Disorder, Domestic Abuse, Forensic, Learning Difficulties, Mental Capacity, Parenting Problems, Personality Disorder, Relationships Difficulites, Substance Misuse, Trauma and PTSD, Youth Offending

Therapies offered: Adult Therapy, CBT, Psychological Supervision, Schema Therapy