Dr Mark Berelowitz

Mark is a Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist specialising in: Child/Adolescent/Family Psychiatry involving Child Physical, Emotional and/or Sexual Abuse Child Protection/Risk Assessment Adoption, Foster Care, Wardship; Child Care Proceedings; Custody, Residence, Access and Contact Issues Parenting Assessments (Fitness to Parent) Dysfunctional families and Domestic Violence Families and Mental Illness/Mental Disability; Divorce/Separation Issues (both social and legal) Eating Disorders ADHD Mediation Further experience of Clinical and/or Professional Negligence Personal Injury

Profession: Psychiatrist

Courts or Tribunals: Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury

Age groups: Adolescent, Adult, Child

Psychological Specialisms: ADHD, Autistic Spectum Disorder, Child Mental Health, Learning Difficulties, Personality Disorder, Trauma and PTSD

Therapies offered: