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Upcoming Online Training Courses in Assessing Attachment

While the current pandemic has put an end to all training events for the foreseeable future, now could be a great time to focus on professional development with online training ...
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TAAI Training London

Transition to Adulthood Attachment Interview Training with Dr Pat Crittenden

Are you a psychologist working with 16-25 year olds and trained in the Adult Attachment Interview? Patricia Crittenden and Andrea Landini will be running a training course on the TAAI ...
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Xray of broken bones after personal injury

Types of Assessment in Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Cases

Personal injury needs to look beyond the immediate physical harm to the often chronic and debilitating psychological harm that can affect mental health, employment, relationships and parenting. The quality of ...
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Cultural Sensitivity in our Psychologist Expert Witnesses

Sensitivity to the norms within a culture is key in the assessment of individuals from diverse cultural groups and communities, and may dictate the success of any interventions recommended (read ...
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Girl looking out car window travelling away from home as immigrant

Culture and diversity in psychological assessments and therapy

Shifting the cultural lens Culture shapes psychology. Cultural belief systems are behind the way that an individual interprets and copes with problems, and equally dictates their help-seeking, support networks and ...
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Man holding daughter at the beach in family case

Assessments in the Child and Family Courts

Under the umbrella of the family Courts, there are numerous types of child and family assessments that a psychologist may carry out: Parental Assessments and Developmental Trauma A robust psychological ...
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Trauma symptoms - PTSD, Complex Trauma and Borderline Personality Disorder

Assessing and treating Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

What is Complex Trauma? Trauma often describes a single event which we associate with accidents, traumatic medical procedures, accidents and violence. In recent years there has been increasing recognition of the ...
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Psychological assessments of trauma and PTSD

Psychological assessments of trauma

Definitions of trauma Psychological trauma is the overwhelming experience of extreme events that exceed a person’s ability to cope and integrate these experiences.  Trauma affects individuals in different ways and ...
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Personal Injury Training for Psychologists

Personal Injury Medico-Legal Workshop for Psychologists

Psychologists interested in moving into personal injury work and seasoned experts looking to develop their skills may be interested in attending the following Personal Injury Training Workshop. Focusing on the ...
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What is the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist?

Is a psychiatrist or a psychologist more suitable for your case?

A question that frequency arises is whether to instruct a psychologist or psychiatrist for a case. There are many overlaps in training and experience between psychiatry and psychology. The expertise ...
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