Cultural Sensitivity in our Psychologist Expert Witnesses

Sensitivity to the norms within a culture is key in the assessment of individuals from diverse cultural groups and communities, and may dictate the success of any interventions recommended (read the article on cultural sensitivity in psychological assessments here). Experience of working with different populations can help a psychologist draw appropriate conclusions from clinical interviews and attach reasonable meaning to the client’s presenting symptoms. As we often provide experts for cases involving assessments of people from other cultures, we have compiled a short overview of some of our experts’ experience (please note that this is not an exhaustive list).

Dr Indira Josling

Dr Josling has vast experience with Caribbean culture, including the English and Patois spoken across the Caribbean Islands. She has experience of South Asian culture, specifically Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi. She speaks some Hindi and Urdu.

Dr Priya-Rose Kochuparampil

Dr Kochuparampil has a wealth of experience in working with victims of trafficking, including individuals from Albania, Thailand and African countries. From South Indian descent, she speaks Malayalam and is very familiar with the cultural traditions of the Indian subcontinent and Arabian Gulf.

Dr Claire Wilson

Dr Wilson has experience in working with specialist populations including asylum seekers and refugees, and ex-military personnel. She has experience in specialist therapies, including providing EMDR through interpreters for torture survivors.

Dr Mats Dernevik

Dr Dernevik has worked extensively with members of the deaf population and can communicate in British Sign Language. Dr Dernevik also speaks Scandinavian languages, being of Swedish descent.

Dr Masrita Ishaq

Dr Ishaq has extensive experience of working with Somalian individuals. As she is from East Asia, has a deep understanding of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, and Thai cultures. Dr Ishaq can speak Mandarin and Cantonese.

Dr Kevin Wright

Dr Wright has experience of working cross-culturally including Sri Lanka; Turkey, Cyprus, Poland, Russia; Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Afro-Caribbean, Asia, Vietnam and Afghanistan.

Dr Esther Cole

Dr Cole is British Caribbean and in her professional work, provides therapeutic interventions to the diverse population in central London. She is a member of the Black and Asian Therapy Network.

Dr Jeanette Fegan

Dr Fegan has experience with asylum seekers and refugees from Africa, Eritrea, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India.



Dr Livia Pontes

Dr Pontes speaks portuguese and has an in-depth understanding of South American culture.


Dr Heena Chudasama

Dr Chudasama speaks Gujarati, conversational Hindi and has an understanding of Urdu and Punjabi.




Dr Fanny Black

Dr Black is Belgian and speaks French in addition to English. In her professional work, she primarily works with people with African and Afro-Caribbean backgrounds.



Dr Dominique Newsome

Dr Newsome is of Black Caribbean and African descent, and has extensive knowledge of mixed and Asian heritage.


Mr Roy Shuttleworth

Dr Shuttleworth has experience working with various cultural groups including Thai, Pakistani and Jewish communities.



Dr Katharine Craib

Dr Craib has worked extensively with African and Muslim cultures in her professional career.




Dr Lalitaa Suglani

Dr Suglani is highly experienced in working with Indian and Asian cultural backgrounds. She is a fluent Punjabi speaker.


Dr Ana Reis

Dr Reis has excellent knowledge of Latin cultures (Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, French, Brazilian, Mexican and Venezuelan) and has worked with Indian, Pakistani, Egyptian, Iranian, Caribbean, Chinese and African clients. She speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish.

Dr Paul Lewis

Dr Lewis has worked extensively with the Turkish and Iranian communities. He has excellent knowledge of working through interpreters and with clients of various cultural backgrounds.



Dr Andy Siddaway

Dr Siddaway currently works weekly with asylum seekers and refugees from across the world. He has accrued knowledge of various different cultures.


Dr Nomir Ahmed

Dr Ahmed has extensive knowledge of working with Asian cultures, including speaking Bengali and Muslim communities.

Dr Karen Barton

Dr Barton has worked with clients from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, covering a large range of cultures. She has excellent experience working through interpreters.

Dr Sonia Nagi

Dr Nagi is half Spanish and half Indian, therefore having personal experience with cultural norms in these countries.

Dr Marion Bates

Dr Bates is a Russian speaker and has experience working with people from South Asia, African countries, Eastern European countries and also Syrian and Afghan and Iraqi people. She has worked within the immigration and deportation process for those from the West Indies.

Dr Paola Carr-Walker

Dr Carr-Walker is knowledgeable in working with Black Caribbean, Black African, South Asian cultures. She also has good experience working with Travelling communities and Australian Aboriginal communities.




Dr Marc Desautels

Dr Desautels has worked with many communities within the Afro-Caribbean, Nigerian, Congolese and middle-eastern cultures. He is a native French-speaker.



Dr Clare Churchman

Dr Churchman has a great understanding of Italian culture and speaks fluent Italian.



Dr Michele McDowell

Dr McDowell has worked with many African Caribbean parents and West African children.



Dr Tina Cohen

Dr Cohen works with minority ethnic client groups in London and the Orthodox Jewish community. She is an Afrikaans speaker.

Dr Karen Treisman

Dr Treisman has worked cross-culturally in both Africa and Asia with groups ranging from former child soldiers to survivors of the Rwandan Genocide.

Dr Phil Moore

Dr Moore has experience both professionally and personally with Polish culture. He has experience in working with interpreters.



Dr Juanita Isaacs

Dr Isaacs has a very good South African cultural understanding which she regularly applies to her professional work.




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