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A 9-day training led by Crittenden Accredited Care-Index Trainer Rebecca Carr-Hopkins will be taking place in London on the following dates below. The training will include teaching, manual and reliability test.

Week 1: May 14th-16th 2018

Week 2: June 18th-20th 2018

Week 3: July 11th-13th 2018


The CARE-Index is a qualitative assessment of the patterns of interactions between infants and their carers.  It is a qualitative measure of risk in relationships and predicts the quality of a child’s attachment.

It has been developed for use in family proceedings and can be used to understand any difficulties in the infant carer relationship.  It can be used for infants from 6 weeks to 15 months and may be used in the home or clinic settings.

This training is suitable for psychologists, paediatricians, midwives, health visitors, early years workers, social workers, GP’s and others working with infants and their carers.

The course involves assessing and coding patterns of interaction through video observations. Trainees will receive a manual and a variety of relevant materials and handouts at the start of the course. The training is split into three 3-day slots. Competency to code will be assessed by a reliability test after the training. Those reaching reliability will receive certificates.



1) It is essential that trainees attend all 9 days of the course. At the end of parts 1&2 of the training, participants will be expected to code and receive feedback on a number of video interactions. They will then assess and code the reliability test of 18 interactions after Part 3. Those achieving reliability will receive a certificate from the Family Relations Institute stating their level of reliability

2) Course participants will be expected to provide three 3-minute video clips of parent infant (or toddler) interaction as part of their certification (2 normative & 1 clinical).


Trainees would benefit from familiarising themselves with the dynamic maturational model of attachment and adaptation (DMM). More information can be found at and IASA (International Association for the Study of Attachment).

Each training day will begin at 9.30 and end at 4.30 pm. Refreshments will be provided but not lunch.

London Venue TBC

Cost: £850 (+VAT) PER HEAD

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  1. Rachel Buhagiar on June 3, 2018 at 09:22

    Good morning, I am highly interested in the CARE-index training. I am aware that the training has already started, hence I was wondering whether you will be offering this training again in the near future?

    Thank you,

  2. aNGELA alI on September 7, 2018 at 13:57

    Please could you advise me when the next set of training will take place?